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I was re arranging my dock, and found that zbrush 4 icon look alien when it sit next to maya and mudbox 2012. So I decided to make it “fit” autodesk 2011-2011 style

I made this in 5 min so, sry I know the quality wasn’t good.

But when u put it on tiny dock, you won’t see much different, right? XD

Download the png file. Right click zbrush app> get info > drag the download png onto the top right corner icon slot.







download it here: http://patcharapop.deviantart.com/art/zbrush-2012-icon-204886249

Hi there,

After weeks of stress, trials, errors, frustrating, and crashing, I finished first version of my staff, her staff actually. I cannot get the layer shader, mib_color_mix, mix20layers to work with alpha mia_materials. So, I kinda gave up :(. Well, I have to produce something or I don’t have anything before deadline.

In this model I use only one architectural material, the crystal head. It’s the separate piece of geometry. The staff itself is one mesh! Then, how can I assign multiple materials on a single mesh? Well, layer shader, mix20layer, mib_color_mix, mix8layers, or dj_mix_color all has capability. I carefully generate maps of alpha, color, specular and reflection. Then, assign onto the mesh one (material) by one. Next I pluged them into a layer shader, and voila! the complete staff.

Surely, the process wasn’t that simple, there were combinations of not rendering, stack overflows, freezing, and crashing. Seriously, if I got a buck each time a program crashed on me during my thesis, I could buy 3D connexion.

Well, as I said, I was forced to finish this, so I have to us Blinn and Phong for entire mesh. It was not as accurate as architectural materials. Well, different calculation. However, the out come wasn’t that bad, is it?


Staff pr

Princess Xivira’s Crystal Staff: The Light Bringer

Maya 2011/2012 OS X

Zbrush / PS

Rendered in Mental Ray 13 min a frame on 2.66 C2D MBP


Hmm, a bit too dark, actually.

Anyway, his is my nasty shading network. It not the greatest thing, but I just like the crazy look of it hahaha.

Screen shot 2011 04 14 at 7 21 35 PM

Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last upload. I was working my ass out to the deadline. Here, let me sow you what I’ve done.


I have to say that most of my stuff are not fully rendered, yet, because I’m working on my Macbook Pro and this old buddy can’t handle that much resolution.


Screen shot 2011 03 31 at 9 35 36 PM

Here, I’m having fun with Zsphere. I used to hate Zbrush before. Because of its alien interface and navigation. Now, I started to fall in love. Zsphere saved my ass. Imagine modeling this in Maya – gonna take forever.

Screen shot 2011 03 31 at 11 18 04 PM

Imported to Maya

Screen shot 2011 04 01 at 10 15 15 AM

This is the resolution that I’m up to, can’t render it yet lol. Btw, because of my limited knowledge in ZB, I have no clue why that tree turn black 😦

The occlusion of my scene.


Screen shot 2011 03 30 at 11 37 17 AM

My bad guy


Screen shot 2011 03 30 at 11 59 28 AM

My bad guy in Mudbox. I love Mudbox, but it killing my graphic card. I’m gonna be forced to migrate to ZB soon.



Rough render of his armor. Still got weird artifact from displacement map. Also too shiny. This take 10 minute to render in 8 cores MacPro, ouch.

Hi there,

Long time since my last post(?). Things progressed (of cause). Last week was like hell. My ass was on fire. I can barely finished my work in time. This 1st April, the final day for this trimeter.

Still got two weeks to go. Nott so much to be done. Just final model, final layout, academic papers, animatic, line teats, market analysin, distribution plans,…..oh wait.

So, I changes my girl’s face (again). Don’t worry I’ll keep changing till I can’t lol. Well, one of my best teacher said that you need to step back and forgot about your work for a while and then go back and see how suck it was lol. Its true. While I was working on my very first version, I thought it was so nice. Until I saw something in my friends’ eyes, like ‘hey this is suck but I can’t say’. Also, this week I got more time so I can see how I can improve her.

This is first version texture. The model and painting was done in Autodesk Mudbox – great program. I put the displacement and texture together in Maya.  The shading was  mi_sss_fast_skin if I remenber exectname right.

I’d love to share how it was set up. Well, if there’re any living reading my blog lol.


The way she smile…

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Thesis, Work in Progress

Hi there,

Just another update for Xivira. The charater bible(?). But, basically, I just want to post the model ;).

Xivira bible

Face off

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Thesis, Work in Progress

Hi there,

Face/hair fix. thanks to P’ Moo @ spicefx


Screen shot 2011 03 08 at 10 30 02 PM


Character quick update

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Work in Progress

Hi there,

just quick update for today. My ass on fire, deadline close.

Concept Art

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Work in Progress

Hi there,

character concept fot today. The face wont look so japanese like the picture, but the rest will look exactly like that (I hoep)

Now I’m trying to keep up with schedule. 😦


Ah! an Animatic!

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Work in Progress

Hi there,

My latest animatic. It will started with a narrative. The ending need a little tweaking but the rest was a go go.

Coffee Break!

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Work in Progress

Hi, there

Drawing too much making me stressful. I wanna do sone thing else, but don’t want to waste time watching movei. May be a coffee break?


done in Maya 2011 Rendered with Mental ray AE and PS for composite

total time 3-4 hr (bad for thesis, I know, but hey I need coffee lol)