Snow Leopard 64 bit

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Mac tips

Just decided to reinstall everything yesterday. This time, no more playing around and bug things lol (at least for now).

However I decided to push my mac to another dimension, using 64 bit kernel. OS X 10.6.x running 64 bit apps, but not natively. It still use 32 bit kernel, for some old driver and apps will have time to evolve. Since I don’t have much weird hardwares and usually use update apps, there should have no problems (cross my fingers)

So, I use 32-64 selector or whatever it called to force my mac to use 64 bit kernel. Why 64bit? The technology of 32bit can address max ram up to about 4G, 64bit is almost unlimited. Since I don’t have fund to playing around with 8 or 16G memory, ram is not my main concern. Actually, I thing my 4G rams are fine.

32 or 64 Selector

The new Adobe creative suit CS5 is written to support 64 bit, also Autodesk Maya 2011. I tested out the render speed between Maya 2010/ 2011 and found that 2011 render faster, not much, but a few sec faster a frame means alot.

Light Room 3 (CS5) run in 64 bit

Maya 2011 in 64 bit mode

Nice cool interface of Maya 2011 64bit Os X

Gonna try to use this for a wile and see if it really work. Or I have to wait for 10.7/10.8 tobe full 64bit.


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