Even A Dog Can be Trained

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Thesis, Work in Progress

Hi, there

I’m taking a break from drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing and drawing. Did I mentioned drawing?

To be honest, I think I draw things for this thesis a lot more than I draw over 3 years, well ,not that literally. What I mean is in this short time + quality + attempt > 3years of chilled drawing. That sound bad.

I “think” my drawing just got better. Well, it kinda like I spend more time research and look at reference, and understand them better. A dog can be train, right? (or it maybe just my bias idea, and it still maintaining its suck-ness)


Let’s look at some more sketches.

GroundZero v01

– The atmosphere of the “Ground Zero” (meh, drawing still look bad)


– Xivira’s low angle from Shot 02_02 (this was where my cheer-up thinking came from)


Well, thinking of it, IDC. This is my drawing, my work. This is how me, me. 🙂
(but it should get better too lol)


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