So he created human with….polygons

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Thesis, Work in Progress
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Hi there,

Long time since my last post(?). Things progressed (of cause). Last week was like hell. My ass was on fire. I can barely finished my work in time. This 1st April, the final day for this trimeter.

Still got two weeks to go. Nott so much to be done. Just final model, final layout, academic papers, animatic, line teats, market analysin, distribution plans,…..oh wait.

So, I changes my girl’s face (again). Don’t worry I’ll keep changing till I can’t lol. Well, one of my best teacher said that you need to step back and forgot about your work for a while and then go back and see how suck it was lol. Its true. While I was working on my very first version, I thought it was so nice. Until I saw something in my friends’ eyes, like ‘hey this is suck but I can’t say’. Also, this week I got more time so I can see how I can improve her.

This is first version texture. The model and painting was done in Autodesk Mudbox – great program. I put the displacement and texture together in Maya.  The shading was  mi_sss_fast_skin if I remenber exectname right.

I’d love to share how it was set up. Well, if there’re any living reading my blog lol.



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