Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last upload. I was working my ass out to the deadline. Here, let me sow you what I’ve done.


I have to say that most of my stuff are not fully rendered, yet, because I’m working on my Macbook Pro and this old buddy can’t handle that much resolution.


Screen shot 2011 03 31 at 9 35 36 PM

Here, I’m having fun with Zsphere. I used to hate Zbrush before. Because of its alien interface and navigation. Now, I started to fall in love. Zsphere saved my ass. Imagine modeling this in Maya – gonna take forever.

Screen shot 2011 03 31 at 11 18 04 PM

Imported to Maya

Screen shot 2011 04 01 at 10 15 15 AM

This is the resolution that I’m up to, can’t render it yet lol. Btw, because of my limited knowledge in ZB, I have no clue why that tree turn black 😦

The occlusion of my scene.


Screen shot 2011 03 30 at 11 37 17 AM

My bad guy


Screen shot 2011 03 30 at 11 59 28 AM

My bad guy in Mudbox. I love Mudbox, but it killing my graphic card. I’m gonna be forced to migrate to ZB soon.



Rough render of his armor. Still got weird artifact from displacement map. Also too shiny. This take 10 minute to render in 8 cores MacPro, ouch.


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